Gone girl

To the guy across the metro seat. Thank you to this guy for actually carrying this copy. I have always seen him reading psychotic thrillers and saw him carrying some of the best thriller books out there.
Everytime I saw him reading a book, I would make sure to read all about it and thanks to this reader for actually making my Monday morning a little less dreadful..saw him reading the Gone girl and checked the synopsis online and I have a new favourite thriller added to my collection.
And did I actually love this book. Everyone in this book is absolutely terrible, and as a result, this book is a masterpiece in character study and development. It’s also a well-written, precisely plotted psychological thriller, and deftly sketches one unreliable narrator after another. I guessed the culprit not too far into the book, but that didn’t spoil my reading experience at all, particularly because the author drops so many diverting and convincing red herrings into the story.

I think it’s also interesting that the central character challenges readers to think about how much we assume about and pre-judge other people based on our limited knowledge of them. To feel pity, disgust, frustration, compassion, and so much more for one character is a rare thing.

Recommended to fans of Before I Go To Sleep, and for YA readers, fans of Dangerous Girls and Nova Ren Suma.
Please read the book first and watch the movie later to enjoy every bit of it.


A book about hope.. this is exactly how I wanna name this book everytime I’m recommending it to someone rather than calling it EVERYTHING IS FUCKED..cause maybe not everything is.

Well Mr.Manson I do not have any idea about what kind of an evening you were having when you thought about naming this book.

It was almost 7 in the evening when I got this book off my shelf maybe because I was having not one of those nice evenings where you’re just optimistic and cheery about the next day. Maybe I wanted things to be a lot more fucked, why I ended up choosing this book.

This book is truly about hope. A hope for things you would not think could exist but can do if you just HOPE for them.

My only call to all those people having a hard time, please understand that the opposite of happiness is not anger or sadness. There’s going to be a lot of  bad that might happen to you..make it your past, expect it in your future..but please make the present feel your presence and stay happy.

Maybe now you are smiling or frowning or you are upset with an article I missed while writing this down..sending in good vibes your way hoping something really nice livens you up everyday 🙂 🙂


Hello everyone

Here to you is Theschoolnerd( a book enthusiast).

Well, this is really overwhelming..typing down everything i’ve always wanted to write for so long. I have dreamed about having my own blog for years now, and can I not contain the excitement as I keep typing on my keyboard.

I think I should pretty much settle down right now and not just type in a thousand words just to keep my excitement flowing through my fingers. So, hoping to keep writing here about what I love, what I do and what I love to eat and maybe about everything that I would want to write about.

Wishing myself a good luck and thank you all. 🙂